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xx [IMP] POLL: Should we open a Minecraft server?
April 03, 2014, 07:35:10 pm by EPro
Hi all,

This is a quick poll asking members of this community if we should open up a Minecraft server.

Thank you,
The USW team
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xx The end has come...
November 03, 2013, 09:31:08 pm by EPro
Hi all,

It's been coming for a long time - my lack of motivation, lack of activity by both co-owners and administrators, lack of updates and a lot of other factors that I'm not going to list because I don't feel like writing a list consisting of 200 or so factors. The main reason that had me step down from taking this step long time ago was that some players/admin have Underground Stunt World as their second family and I did not want to be the one to 'take them away' from their second virtual family.

In reality all I'm doing is actually making them closer and every second Underground Stunt World stays alive these people will become closer to each other which will make it even more hard for them once the end comes and there is no server. I never actually wanted to split people from their friends but now that I'm doing so in the San Andreas Multiplayer world, I am already thinking of another project that members from the Underground Stunt World community could merge to in order to keep 'their' bound with 'friends'.

The server and site will stay up till both of them expires - the server will expire in about 20 days from writing this and the site will expire next year somewhere around September. Until then they will all run like they are normally run expect trusted members will get administrative privileges on the server that me and co-owners see fit in order to grant many people's wishes of them becoming admin on Underground Stunt World.

Fun times where had, I personally had so much fun playing with people, getting personal opinions on real life issues by members of this community, members supporting me in most things I do and none of what anybody from this community did to me or for me will ever be forgotten because memories will never go away but now all of us have to let the past behind us, adjust our sleep time and adjust our lives (by either moving to the new community or focus on school/work) so that we won't end up doing crack because of broadness.

Now that I have wrote four paragraphs of bad news let me give you some good news, recently Hor$e_Redha showed me his CS 1.6 (Cracked) server and asked me if I'll make it part of Underground Stunt World and I told him I would think about it - later that day Jose was talking to me how he missed the Minecraft server and I knew that after I would close Underground Stunt World I would end up making another project and here I am giving very bad news to some people and is already thinking about another project.

Since most of you will support me in my decision I would like members from the community to find a new name for the community (preferably an attractive name that will attract people from CS and Minecraft) - all you have to do is reply to this topic and write down the name you think suits the community and give out any suggestions you have. If you really want to help out, you could actually find a name for the Minecraft server but Redha's CS 1.6 server that I will co-own will have the same name but the tag of the community will be added to its name.

You don't like the sad news about USW and actually is going to take it personal? Good, the more haters coming the more proof I have that people want to be like me and that they also want me to fight, thus giving me more motivation. Then again if you really want to support me and have an idea for a game-server that doesn't have anything to do with San Andreas and I am not planning to open one, you could also write it down as your reply to this topic.

Still with me? Great, I would like to thank all the admins that have spent hundreds of hours on the server playing, helping players and keeping people that want to harm the server out of it. (Most admins think I do not respect what they do, I really do but I do not force anybody to become an admin and it also comes with its pride/extra commands) I would also like to thank every single member of this community that have played on our server, helped other people/admins and also did their best to be active on USW.

Last but not least I need to thank the co-owners - Fogge, Christen, Seven, Queenly_Mae and the founder of USW BP13 for supporting and believing in me to keep this project alive so people could play and USW's legacy would still be like it was in the old times. If anybody of these people I mentioned are disappointed, I'm very sorry but I could not do this anymore (not because I can't fund it or personal issues) but I no longer have motivation and I don't see a reason why I should keep trying to revive something I no longer have any interest in reviving.

I'm sorry for anybody who feels sad because of the news I had to give them but trust me in the long run you'd end up thanking me. I know most of you are probably sleepy by now so I'll make this short - Thank you for reading this thus pro...
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Server info and development

Server:       Some good game-server of a different game coming soon, feel free to give suggestions.

EPro's development: Game-server sponsored by terrorists is now removed, kthx.
Seven's development: :'(
Fogge's development: Take good care guys!
Mae's development: Farewell Everyone , USW rocks!! 


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